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Three tips for ordering a vegan wedding cake from your local bakery

Planning a wedding reception can be a challenge, particularly when there are special dietary requirements. If you are planning to order a vegan wedding cake from your local bakery for your reception, check out these three tips.

Don't leave it to the last minute

As with purchasing your wedding dress or booking the location for your wedding ceremony, ordering your vegan wedding cake well before the date is crucial. Contact your local bakery as soon as possible to place an order for your cake, as this will give you plenty of time to liaise with them and plan the perfect vegan wedding cake. This will also give your local baker the opportunity to research, trial and perfect their recipe -- although vegan baked goods are becoming increasingly commercially available, smaller regional bakeries may have limited experience using egg or dairy substitutes. If you need a little reassurance that your cake is going to be delectable, schedule in an opportunity to taste test the final recipe prior to the big day.

Be clear about your needs and wants

Don't take it for granted that your local baker will have a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be vegan. Be clear about your expectations in terms of the cake design, flavour and ingredients -- this will avoid confusion for the baker and disappointment on your side. Perhaps you would prefer that the baker replaces honey with agave nectar, uses chia seeds instead of egg, or cashew cream to make a luscious buttercream substitute. There are plenty of vegan alternatives for sweeteners and dairy replacements, so discuss your preferences openly and honestly with your baker. Presenting suitable alternatives in this way will make your baker's job easier, while fostering a comfortable working relationship.

Think outside of the box

A great way of having a beautiful vegan wedding dessert is to steer away from the traditional idea of a cake. Vegan dessert bars are becoming a popular solution for vegan weddings, as they are both easy to cater for and devour. Consider offering your guests a fun and flexible assortment of vegan cupcakes, dessert bars, biscuits and fruit. This will allow your baker to experiment with several vegan dessert options, and they might even find some new vegan baking ideas for your local bakery's regular menu!

To discuss how to make your vegan cake dream a reality, contact your local cake shop today to begin planning.